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Morillo de Tou - A village brought back to life.


Expropriation and abandonment in the 1960s: The development of  Mediano reservoir meant the compulsory purchase of Morillo’s land and houses, and the consequent exodus of its inhabitants. As a result the village fell victim to looters, neglect, and harsh weather conditions. The brambles and undergrowth took over, leaving it in a state of ruin.


The restoration projec: the Rebuilding project for Morillo de Tou was an initiative of the Aragonese trade union CC.OO in the mid 80s. It involved a vast number of union members and supporters; these people gave their time and effort freely to the restoration effort making it possible to create a unique holiday centre for the enjoyment of all. Their priceless contribution is remembered in various places around the village that pay homage to them. 


















A village brought back to life.